The Inner West’s Best … Dog Parks
It’s fair to say the folks in the Inner West love their dogs. And when it comes to places our pups can roam, run, swim and cavort with other canines, we’re blessed with some fantastic local options. We chatted with Rachel Pickering, owner of P...
‘The Denial of Domestic Violence is Overt, Covert, and Insidious’: The Gowland Awards 2017
On Tuesday 21 November, Inner West law firm Gowland Legal presented the Inaugural Gowland Awards 2017, which highlight the best in domestic violence awareness and prevention and call out the worst examples of DV denial. Anita Vitanova, founder of ...
A Morning Tea for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness
Today the Inner West Mums hosted its first informational morning tea at the 3 Weeds Rozelle’s stunning new Garden Room. This week marks Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week, which aims to increase awareness of perinatal mental health....
Packing for Your Delivery and Hospital Stay
As your due date approaches, it can be challenging to wrap your head around what you need for labour and your hospital stay. With a little help from the Inner West Mums who’ve been there and done that, we complied this list of delivery and maternit...
Starting Over
A new job, a return to family, better lifestyle, better weather – whatever your reason for starting over in a new town or city, the stresses of relocation remain the same. But there are some sure-fire tips for making the transition smoother, allowi...
Travelling With Kids? Here’s How to Keep Them Entertained
We love our kids, but let’s be honest – taking them on long trips can be an absolute nightmare! They can easily become irritable, cranky, and will squabble among each other for hours on end. When you’ve put your hard-earned time and money into ...
When Parents Regret Having Kids: A Psychologist Explains
‘I love my child, of course I do, but a part of me can’t help wanting my old life back.’ ‘I wish I had known what I was getting myself in for. I had no idea that being a parent would be so difficult.’ ‘Every day is like Groundhog Da...
Single Women and Finance
Given her fame and fortune, it’s pretty easy for Beyoncé to sing about being “up in the club, just broke up” – however for the majority of newly single ladies, life is more like an Adele heartbreak song. And on top of all the emotional turmo...
The New Strathfield Park Playground: Seriously Good!
As far as kids playgrounds go, the newly redeveloped playground at Strathfield Park is seriously good! Situated on the Homebush Road side of Strathfield Park, the new playground has an excellent range of high-quality equipment to entice various ag...
Not Just Unsettled: Food Intolerance in Infants
Food intolerance during infancy is sometimes underestimated. Unlike food allergy, food intolerance does not cause life-threatening symptoms. However, the impact of food intolerance in infants can be significant, causing reflux, stomach or bowel cramp...
Travelling as a Family with Food Allergies
Travelling with kids takes a lot of preparation, but what about those families dealing with life-threatening food allergies? We spoke to Inner West Mum Kristie Venets, who, after many years of staying within Australia, decided to embark on some i...
The School Holidays–Work Juggle
School holidays provide an opportunity to have fun with your children, but if you work from home you'll need to find the right balance of work and play – for everyone! Too much fun, and your work will suffer. Too much work, and you'll have disappo...
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december, 2017

27nov - 24decnov 279:30 amdec 24Calmbirth ClassesCalmbirth preparation for all possibilities. With knowledge comes confidence

16dec9:30 am- 2:00 pmSydney Basket Brigade Packing DayCome and help spread festive cheer with your family

16dec5:30 pm- 7:30 pmChristmas Carols at Hide and Seek CafeChristmas Carols, delicious food and without the hassle of going into the city!

16dec - 28jandec 166:00 pmjan 28Kids in the Park SummerCELEBRATE SUMMER WITH OODLES OF KIDS IN THE PARK SCHOOL HOLIDAY FUN!

22dec10:00 am- 4:00 pmJunior Spelling Bee Competition (Age 4 - 8)We promote the benefits of phonemic awareness and how it influences the outcome of reading and spelling skills.

22dec - 23dec 226:00 pmdec 23Whole Lotta Woman Xmas Party! Django Bar MarrickvilleA Celebration of Women in Music

27dec - 24jandec 279:30 amjan 24Calmbirth ClassesCalmbirth preparation for all possibilities. With knowledge comes confidence

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