Hot Potato solves the problem of how to nourish your family, no matter how busy your day (or theirs!) has been.


We make healthy, delicious meals from scratch that are created especially with little people in mind. We pack in the veg (two serves at least!), dial down the salt and ramp up the flavour using only the highest quality locally and ethically sourced ingredients. Then, we deliver to your door every Sunday and stock your freezer with wholefood meals to take the stress (and any parent guilt) out of the week ahead.


What’s on the menu? We have baby purees for our most junior foodies. For children aged 1 year and above, our meals cover all the nutritional bases and come in a variety of serving sizes. We offer larger family portions, too, so the whole family can eat together (because no-one is too old to enjoy a good bolognese!).


I'm a busy parent, what do I have to do? Simply reheat (stovetop, oven, microwave) and call the crew to the table. That's it!


We’re a family business co-founded by brother-sister-team Tim (a former athlete) and Shannon Harley (ex-editor of Delicious magazine). We believe that you – awesome parent – shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to providing food to make your child thrive and spending quality time with your family. Hot Potato is nourishing kids and empowering parents by delivering max deliciousness, health, convenience and fun in a single service. Buon appetito!


What do parents say about Hot Potato?

“I work full-time and I love to cook nutritious food from scratch for my three-year-old daughter but it’s hard to find the time. With Hot Potato, I know I will always have a stash of healthy and delicious dinners on hand in the freezer for when I get home from a hectic day – she loves the salmon nuggets and I would never have the time or energy to make them myself!”
–Pru, Mum to Lily and Archie


116 Terry Street Rozelle



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    • amy.kousis
      13/08/2020 at 10:39 am

      Hot Potato makes dinner time a breeze at our house on those hectic nights. The kids are clueless about how many veges they are eating, which is one less battle to fight! I’ve been impressed with how fresh the food is, and all eco packaging.

    • wellmanliz
      24/08/2020 at 2:29 pm

      ‘I really liked the sausage rolls because they were yummy and had a crispy shell. The Hedgehog potato was really crispy too.
      My favourite was the pasta as it was really good and the sauce was delicious.
      The pumpkin mash was also really tasty’

      Mya age 9

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