Sydney Speaking School offers a range of holiday programs in both public speaking and debating for students aged 6 – 15 in Stanmore, North Sydney and Parramatta, as well as a number of term programs all over Sydney.

In an increasingly automated world, the children of today face a future of uncertainties, where differentiation from machines is likely to be a key attribute that will allow them to flourish. It is our mission to equip students with crucial soft skills that will help them thrive both in the classroom in and in their later lives – the ability to think critically, the capacity to present an idea clearly, and the strength to express their beliefs with confidence.

With the vision of developing the speaking skills across Australia’s largest city, Sydney Speaking School has developed a range of programs which seek to bring out the charismatic speaker that hides within every school student. Whether shy or outgoing, their coaches understand how to share the wealth of their many years’ of experience using fun, engaging and welcoming activities to improve the communication skills of primary and secondary school students.

Importantly, Sydney Speaking School puts its key teaching doctrine of ‘learning by doing’ into practice, making sure that all classes are kept small, that all students are given the opportunity to practice in a relaxed environment, and that all of their expert coaches are able to provide individual feedback to every student. The success of this philosophy is reflected in the predominantly positive reviews given by the thousands of students (and parents) over its four years of operation.

School Holiday Programs

Ages 6 – 7 (Cats)
Presentation Skills – Tabby Cats
Presentation Skills – Tigers

Ages 7 – 9 (Marsupials)
Speaking Camp – Koalas
Speaking Camp – Kangaroos

Ages 9 – 12 (Birds)
Debating – Hummingbirds
Debating – Hawks
Public Speaking – Hummingbirds
Public Speaking – Hawks

Ages 12 – 15 (High School Programs)
Foundations of Debating
Experienced Debating
Foundations of Public Speaking
Experienced Public Speaking

We are always happy to chat about our programs, or just public speaking in general, so please don’t hesitate to email us at or drop us a line on 0404 107 372.

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