The Dangers of Giving Legal Advice on Social Media Forums
In a world largely dominated by the influence of social media, it is no surprise we rely on these forums as a quick source of advice. When we need a quick local recommendation, we turn to Facebook. When we want to see if others have had a similar exp...
Inner West Mums Honoured at the Gowland Awards 2018
On Monday 26 November, the Inner West Mums Facebook group was honoured at the 2018 Gowland Awards, hosted by law firm Gowland Legal at the Parliament of New South Wales. The inaugural event celebrates individuals whose efforts to raise awareness o...
‘The Denial of Domestic Violence is Overt, Covert, and Insidious’: The Gowland Awards 2017
On Tuesday 21 November, Inner West law firm Gowland Legal presented the Inaugural Gowland Awards 2017, which highlight the best in domestic violence awareness and prevention and call out the worst examples of DV denial. Anita Vitanova, founder of ...
‘All About Wills’: Gowland Legal’s Facebook Live Legal Information Session
On 23 August 2017 at 8 pm, the team at Gowland Legal held a free Facebook Live event for the Inner West Mums. It was the first of many legal information sessions we will be holding for the group. In our event we answered all of your important ques...
The Myths and Misconceptions About De Facto Relationships
At Gowland Legal, we have seen numerous social media posts from people who are separating from their de facto partners. And, based on the comments, there seems to be rather a lot of confusion out there about de facto relationships and family law. ...
Think Before You Vent Online: The Use of Social Media Evidence in Family Law
Facebook. It’s a wondrous place where you can connect with friends, share photos and let your fingers do the talking. What happens though when your fingers go rogue? You’ve couple of wines in on a Saturday night, the kids are asleep and your e...
Legal Loopholes When Shopping Online
Do you shop online? Do you know your rights? Australians spend more than $11 billion every year on online retail, yet an alarmingly high proportion of consumers are not aware of their basic online shopping rights, and what methods of recourse they...
Domestic Violence and Tenancy Laws
It is important for those who have suffered domestic violence to know their rights when it comes to their tenancy agreement. People can feel they are ‘locked down’ to their rental property, and may use this as a reason for staying with a perpetra...
Stop. Breathe. Think: Some Helpful Tips When Separating
Whether you are considering separating from your partner or your relationship has come to an end, there is no doubt that this is a difficult time. Taking a few moments to stop, breathe and think can help you to make better decisions during the initia...
The ‘What’s What’ in Estate Planning
We’ve all heard the words thrown around before: ‘Go get a Will’ or ‘Have you got an Advance Care Directive in place?’ But which estate planning document actually does what? Here is our quick guide to estate planning documents.   ...
The DIY Will Kit: Pitfalls and Dangers
‘Why should I pay a solicitor to write my will when I can do it myself for $30 with a DIY will kit?’ We’ve heard these words uttered often, and as lawyers, we shudder at the thought. And no, it’s not because we ‘want your money’. The r...
Who Will Look After My Child If I’m No Longer Around?
The birth of your child can be one of the most exciting times in your life. It is also a time at which you may reflect on how fragile human life can be and consider what would happen to your child or children should the worst happen to you. Who wi...
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