Choosing The Best Real Estate Agent, For You

Have you ever sold a property? How did you choose your real estate agent? Recent research conducted by The Agent Finder shows that most of us take a far from rigorous approach when we are selecting a real estate agent. As any property you own is likely to be your most valuable asset, this is concerning. Choosing an agent that will get a great result for you can result in tens of thousands of dollars, or more, in your back pocket. Money that is truly life changing.
While services such as The Agent Finder are growing in popularity our research found that most people (55%) when selling their property used an agent that they had an existing relationship with and that another 30% of people used an agent that had been recommended by a friend or relative. Selling a home is an intense and often quite stressful experience so while I would always encourage vendors find an agent that they can work well with I’d also suggest putting some effort into ensuring that you are making a great choice. Here’s how;
Research & Results
Sit down and spend some time to see which agent is getting the best prices for your type of property in your suburb. This is what I did when my husband and I sold our house 3 years ago. I’m so glad that I invested that time, the agent we selected from a small boutique agency went on to smash the record price for our street which of course benefited us. If you’re struggling to find the time to do this get in touch with me, I’d be thrilled to help you.
Look Local
Some vendors use an agent from out of the area. My advice is to avoid this. Why? Local agents will know how to market your property effectively. Is your house in the catchment area for a great public school? Great, local agents will know this and they will use it as a tactic to drive up the asking price for your home.
Check Them Out
Once you’ve got your shortlist of your top 2 or 3 agents get out to their open homes. See how they speak about the property, how they have marketed it and importantly how they interact with the people coming through the front door. Do they just stand at the front door taking names or are they mingling with the viewers asking questions and highlighting the great aspects of the house.
Are They The Right Fit?
There’s just no way to sugar coat the fact that selling your home is stressful, right up there with divorce. And little wonder given that it’s a busy, time-consuming and often emotional process. So find a real estate agent that you like, that you feel listens to you and your point of view. The few weeks that they are in your life are intense so if you can find someone that you like it will make the whole process that little bit easier.

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