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Our Facebook group is one of Sydney’s fastest growing, with more than 20,000 local members. The group is a place where you can connect with other local mums, ask questions, ask for advice, share your experiences and support one another.

To ensure things run smoothly, we have a few guidelines in place. If you see any posts that do not adhere to the guidelines, please tag admin or a moderator in the post, or report the post so that we can act quickly. Please also understand that all admin and moderators volunteer their own time to keep Inner West Mums a welcome place to chat, so if they are stepping in, they are doing so with good reason.


Here are some frequently asked questions:


Why was my post deleted?

For a quick check, please see the below reasons. For a more complete answer, please see the below sections that apply to your post:

–        You posted outside of business hour, a business or a business recommendation

–        You posted an item to be sold, swapped, offered for free or items sought

–        You named and shamed a business

–        You used profanities within your post

–        You asked for medical advice

–        You posted links to anti-vaccination articles or attempted to link autism to vaccinations

–        Your post was offensive in nature

–        Your post was a ‘rant’ type post

–        Your post was a charity or GoFundMe type request


What is the expected and appropriate conduct within the group?

Be nice.

Some topics can be controversial, so when posting or responding to a post, please be respectful of people’s opinions or methods, especially if they differ from yours. Do not be rude, nasty or engage in bullying. Treat people as you would in the real world.

Under no circumstances should you post personal information such as email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers. We also advise against posting full names of your children and other identifiable information, such as the name of their school. Publishing personal information could bring unwanted danger to you and others.


Who can advertise to the closed group?

Only businesses that have subscribed to the business directory on our website, are allowed to promote to our members.

We have several packages available to suit your business and advertising requirements. For further information, click here to access our media kit.


When is business hour and what are the business promotion guidelines?

Business hour is every Thursday between 8pm and 9pm (sharp) and advertising is only available to businesses that have a directory listing on our website (see above point).

We only allow one post per member so if you have multiple businesses, you may need to decide ahead of time which business you will be advertising.

Only one photo allowed per business post – the best way to have multiple photos is to create a collage in one image.

Please ensure your post includes your business name and what you are selling. If these details are not included, your post will not be approved and will be deleted.

Any posts made outside of business hour will be deleted and the member warned. If they continue to post, the member may be removed and blocked from the group.

ALL business posts are deleted after midday on Friday so please ensure you take note of any interested parties to follow up, prior to then.

Members are not to “BUMP” their own posts by making comments or asking friends to make comments. Members who do this will have their post removed without warning and may be removed from the group.


I am a business owner without an annual business directory listing. Am I allowed to promote my business in posts asking for that service or product?

No. We reserve that privilege for businesses that are signed up to an annual business directory listing.


Can I offer a discount or a special offer to the members of the closed group? How do I do that?

If you are keen to share a discount or a special offer, you would need to sign up to an annual business directory listing on our website. There are options within the packages for the number of offers or discounts that can be made. For further information, click here to access our media kit.


How do I sign up for a business directory listing?

  1. Go to the SIGN UP tab to set up your user name and password and sign in
  2. Then, go to the BUSINESS DIRECTORY tab and hover your mouse over the name and the drop down will appear
  3. Find SUBMIT A BUSINESS that is at the bottom of the drop down box, in red
  4. Follow the instructions by deciding on which membership best suits your needs and submit your details as per your membership choice
  5. Payment can be processed directly by using a credit card
  6. Once payment has been received, admin will make your business directory listing live on the website


How can I book advertising space on the Inner West Mums website?

There are bespoke advertising opportunities available on our website, please review the media kit for further information and pricing. Click here to access our media kit.

Or for any questions, please email info@theinnerwestmums.com.au


Can I advertise my job vacancies to the members of the closed group?

Yes! Our job board is active and we have received excellent feedback from job-seeking candidates and businesses alike, finding a suitable match from IWM.

All job adverts need to be listed on the job board on the website. We then promote the position to our Page and within the closed group.

If you have a position vacant that will be suitable for an IWM, you can submit it here.


How do I advertise my job on the IWM website?

  1. Go to the SIGN UP tab to set up your user name and password and sign in
  2. Click on the JOB BOARD tab and hit POST JOB
  3. Complete the details as required and you can pay using a credit card
  4. Once payment has been received, admin will make your job live on the website and we will commence promoting it to the page and closed group


Can I post anonymously in the group?

For posts of a sensitive or private nature, you may contact admin directly to request a post be anonymously uploaded on your behalf. These include early pregnancy, mental illness, relationship issues or similar. Exceptions of course are possible with an explanation why do you need to stay anonymous (friends or family members in the group, planning a surprise for an IWM etc.).

If you would like to make an anonymous post, please send an email to info@theinnerwestmums.com.au


Can I ask for medical advice in the group?

No. Please seek prompt medical attention for any concerns with your little one. Please see your GP or use the services of Health Direct after hours on 1800 022 222.

Inner West Mums accepts no responsibility for medical advice given by members.


Can I sell, give away, swap or seek items?

IWM is not set up as a buy/ swap/ sell or free item group. Please use KidSize Living or similar groups designed specifically for this purpose in the Inner West. Posts of this nature will be deleted without warning.


Can I post a business recommendation to the group?

If you’ve had an amazing experience with a local business that you would like to share, you are welcome to do so once during business hour, Thursdays 8-9pm.

However, if a member posts asking for recommendations at any other time, you are welcome to recommend a business that meets the request. The exception to this is businesses not listed on the business directory are not allowed to reply to such requests.


How can I invite my friend to join the group?

If you have friends who might be interested in joining, simply click ‘Add Friends to Group’ in the top right corner of the page. Any male profiles such as your husband or brother, will not be accepted.


Who can join the group?

First and foremost, this group has been set up for mums living in Sydney’s Inner West. If you are a female business owner or a female representative of a business that provides service to families, you are welcome to join.

Early on, we created a poll in the group after several requests for male partners and husbands to join the group. The poll results were a huge resounding “no” regarding men joining the group and as such we have respected our members’ request on this.


If I have had a negative experience with a local business, can I share it within the group?

No. Do not use this group to post negative comments about local businesses and services. If you’ve had a bad experience it can be tempting to get ‘revenge’ with a negative post, however this can have terrible consequences for the business. Any member who posts a defamatory comment may be removed from the group without warning. Inner West Mums will not be held accountable for any such comments made by members. We would encourage you to read this Fact Sheet about Defamation on Social Media: http://www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/…/online-social-networking-d….


Is media allowed to poach posts from the group?

No. Any members found taking stories from the group for publishing purposes will be removed and blocked without warning. This group is closed and any information shared by members is to stay within the group. We would like our members to feel free to discuss any topic here without fearing it will end up in the media.


Are any topics not allowed in the group?

We do not support anti-vaccination rhetoric or any attempts to link autism to vaccinations. Any such posts will be deleted and the member may be removed.


What charities does IWM support?

IWM supports various local charities. In 2018 our fundraising efforts are focused on the Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre.


Can I upload a link to a charity I am involved in such as a GoFundMe page?

No. We only support our chosen charity and as such do not support crowd funding requests within the group.


What happens if I block or are rude to admin?

Any member found blocking admin will be removed from the group without warning.

Admin reserve the right to ask members to leave the group, without warning, if we feel you are not contributing positively, are being rude to other members or the admin team. Membership is a privilege, not a right.


Can I post competitions within the group?

Please refrain from posting competitions within this group (i.e. Bonds Baby, vote for my child etc.). It’s usually against competition rules to post in groups to gain votes. These will be removed without warning.

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