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Getting to Know … Tatyana Tinetti of Flawless You

Tatyana Tinetti is a Dermal Therapist and the Founder of the Flawless You, Skin and Laser Clinic, based in Hunters Hill. Tatyana, also a mother of two, emigrated to Australia from Russia, 18 years ago and is proud to call Australia home.

Tatyana is a highly experienced Dermal Therapist and has a genuine passion for her industry, constantly seeking to educate further to stay at the forefront of a rapidly-developing industry. Tatyana has a customer-first approach, different to many other clinics, by putting her client’s best interests first – rather than selling products and services. Her overall aim is to help your skin become flawless.

Read on to get to know Tatyana and special offer for Inner West Mums.


Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East, just north of Japan. It’s a beautiful place with mountains, lakes, rivers, hot springs and active volcanos.

I met my husband – who is Australian – when I was traveling in China. We’ve been married for over 17 years and have two kids.

I’m a passionate Dermal Therapist who spends all of my free time learning about new technologies, products and treatments. The cosmetic and skin care industry is ever evolving and changes so rapidly that you have to learn all the time – I absolutely love it! My friends always joke that I’m a “constant student” but it’s just my nature, I get so much joy out of it.


What inspired you to set up your own business?

I had a desire and vision of creating a space where treatments and home skin care is tailored to each client. Where clients can trust the advice and aren’t pushed to buy products and treatment courses that they don’t need. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence in this industry where businesses are more focused on their profits than their client’s concerns. My focus is on the customer because long-term, that will give results for us both!


What services do you offer at Flawless You?

We offer a wide range of services, and always start with a detailed consultation and skin analysis.

Our services include:

  • Customised facials to suit any skin concern and age
  • Microdermabrasion/hydro dermabrasion
  • LED
  • Chemical peels
  • IPL photo rejuvenation
  • IPL hair removal
  • Skin needling
  • Lash & brow services
  • Skin tag & wart removal
  • Fat freezing
  • Cosmetic injections


Do you have a specific area of expertise and what interests you most about these areas?

I’m all about skin health. I believe everyone deserves beautiful skin. I have an interest in treating pigmentation and ageing skin concerns. Flawless You is one of the few clinics in Australia that is Certified as a Depigmentation Centre. We have lots of experience in this area and find it so rewarding to see the results and our client’s satisfaction.


How is Flawless You different from other skincare clinics?

At Flawless You it’s all about ‘YOU’.  Each client is individual and unique.

Being an owner-operator, I have the honour and privilege to get to know my clients very closely and can create home skin care routines that suit their specific life-style and habits.

At Flawless You, we have access to over 40 different cosmetic brands! I carefully select the best available products on the market, test them personally, and tailor skin programs and routines to each person. Unlike most clinics, I’m not restricted in my choice of products and can freely mix and match between a variety of different brands and combine different technologies to achieve the best outcome for the client.


What are your three best skin care tips?

#1 Always clean your face at night. And always ensure to double cleanse if wearing make-up or sun protection.

#2 Always wear SPF, no matter what, Summer or Winter, rain or shine.

#3 Drink plenty of water for glowing skin.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

My clients. I love them. They inspire and motivate me daily. Seeing the results and the satisfaction of my clients helps me to keep striving to find the best solutions for everyone.


What has been something positive or a silver lining for you during the pandemic (in personal or business life)?

It was a very hard time for business, but I must say the best thing was to be able to spend time at home with my kids and reconnect as a family. The kids absolutely loved it!


Favourite places in Sydney?

Hunters Hill/Woolwich peninsula is definitely my favourite place. It has the feeling of a village, in the heart of our beautiful city.You can go for a nice walk around the peninsula, through The Goat Paddock, Woolwich Dock and Clarkes Point Reserve to enjoy the Harbour views. All of the local shops, cafes and restaurants are exceptional, I especially love Wishbone gift shop, Piccolina and Ottimo Italian kitchen.


What has inspired you recently?

We have so much entertainment and information at our fingertips these days and, while a lot of it is incredible, nothing inspires me more than the real-life events of this turbulent year. It’s easy to forget that 2020 started with the worst bushfire crisis in living memory. I draw so much inspiration from the selfless acts of emergency workers who fought to protect the property of strangers while their own homes were burning. People who gave food, shelter and friendship to those who had lost everything. This attitude continues today as we battle Covid-19. The ingenuity of people who have found ways to keeps us connected through social media. Ordinary Aussies who have offered to do shopping for elderly neighbours. People around the country standing in their driveway at dawn to pay their respects to the fallen ANZACs. Health workers who fight to save lives around the clock.

For every story we see about people selfishly fighting over toilet paper or preying on the vulnerable, there are hundreds of acts of compassion, resilience and kindness from which to draw inspiration. It’s heart-warming to see us all work together in these times of crisis.


Flawless You is offering a complimentary brightening peel with every skin consultation booked! Visit the Flawless You website to get in touch.


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