Review: Modibodi

Review by IWM A. Sayer
There has been a lot of buzz on social media recently about the Modibodi underwear, which I have followed with interest. Environmental sustainability is a priority for me, and I have been seriously considering making the switch to the Modibodi underwear but couldn’t quite make the leap. I’ve now been wearing the Modibodi undies for some time, and wish I had made the leap sooner!
Honestly, they are so comfy and offer piece of mind while also saving the planet. Every review I’ve read talks about how comfy they are as everyday underwear, and it’s true they really are. The first thing I noticed when I put them on, was how much comfier they are than my regular undies. The bamboo feels so soft and silky against my skin, and they seem to ‘breathe’ more than my regular undies. As well as wearing them for sport and heavy activities, I’d definitely recommend wearing them even when doing light activity, as the moisture wicking properties make me feel fresh all day.
Wearing them every day is how I discovered what I think is the number one amazing feature: no surprises! If you’re wearing them every day anyway, you don’t have that leakage paranoia around the time your period is due. No matter where you are, it’s no big deal if you get a surprise visit because you’re prepared! I actually had no idea my period had arrived when I was wearing them,
and that blew my mind. So far, I have tried the super soft bamboo ‘Sensual Boyleg’ and the ‘Active Brief’, both of which were extremely comfortable and offered amazing piece of mind.
I’ll be ordering some more of both styles, as the Boyleg undies are great for everyday with no visible panty line, and the Active Brief are perfect for all sporting activities. Now that I’m used to wearing them, I will absolutely need to get enough to wear a pair every day of the week.
We’re all busy mums with so much on our minds, but changing something simple like underwear can really give you confidence in one area of your life.

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